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Commercial Inspections

The protocol for due diligence building inspections is defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials by Standard E2018-01. This standard was established in 1999 and was designed specifically with commercial real estate inspections in mind. The standard was revised in March of 2002 and is available at Building Specs, LLC adheres to these guidelines in performing Property Condition Assessments. We work with a team of specialist to provide you with the necessary information and our report format provides an easy-to-follow summary of recommendations, costs and priorities which enables you to make a quick, informed decision.

Our basic Property Condition Assessment includes inspection of:

PDF Sample Property Condition Assessment

We also provide these additional inspection services:

Outstanding Building Code or Fire Code Violation Inquiries

The ASTM standard recommends that inquiries be made to the local authorities regarding any outstanding building code or fire code violations. As this work may be duplicated by your realtor as part of the due diligence process, we allow this aspect to be excluded by not choosing this option on the Proposal Acceptance.

This search requires a letter of consent from the current owner of the building, and the report from the municipality is usually received about 2 weeks after the request is made.

Fire Safety Inspection

A visual, non-destructive inspection of the property with respect to the fire protection and life safety requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency includes a review of the following:

In addition, our analysis will include references to recommended upgrades to the property to achieve the optimum, cost effective method of compliance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is a non-intrusive study which includes a review of the former site land use and ownership. A site inspection will also be conducted as part of this assessment including, where available, historical aerial photographs of the site and vicinity and, if possible, discussions with the personnel on site who are familiar with the operational history. Government agencies and local municipalities will be contacted upon client approval. A site inspection to ascertain the environmental issues at the property will also be conducted as part of this assessment.

Elevator Inspection


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