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I just want to say that your professionalism really impresses me. The finest I've ever seen, and look, I'm not just a layman. For what it's worth I'm a retired Civil Engineer Car Officer out of the US Navy, Commanding Officer of the United States Navy Seabees and Public Works Officer at a great big Navy base with 450 personnel in the construction field working for me. You know, you're exquisite, really magnificent. If you ever want a glowing recommendation, you can call little old me and I'd be glad to lavishly log your professionalism, Sir. I'm Impressed. Thank you very much.
Harley Brown
Home Buyer

I really appreciate you coming out and doing that good inspection for us Matt--thanks a bunch! My clients, did say they thought it was a very thorough inspection, and you have tremendous knowledge which you shared with them--way to go!
Michael Eshom
Coldwell Banker

Thanks so much for the report. Covered the major items with the builder today and they agreed to fix or remediate them. The water in the crawl space and the dryer vent line are huge finds. Thank you for your thoroughness!
Ryan Munson
Home Buyer

Thank you, your report was fantastic. I will recommend your service to everyone I know. Thanks again for the great job.
Darrin Morris
Home Buyer

Thank you so much for your diligent work inspecting our new home. It is always good to have several sets of eyes reviewing complex building projects and we are glad you helped discover and resolve various issues for us.
Harry & Nancy Lear
Home Buyers

We've had several home inspections performed over the years, and this one is clearly superior. It's a great reference and guide.
Rachael Berman
Home Buyer

We received your report on the inspection of our crawl space. Thank you again for being so accommodating. Working with you and your company has been a bright spot in what was a rather frustrating experience. It was a pleasure to meet you and your son.
Bill & Karen Womack
Home Buyers

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